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Information Systems Faculty

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Prof. Amelia Garripoli

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Skype: agarripoli.olympic (Amelia at OC)
Phone: 360-475-7588
Office: TEC 210, OC Bremerton campus
Hours: Spring 2017: Mon & Tue 1-3 on campus or skype, Thu 6-8 on skype.
Excludes non-work days on the Instructional Calendar.
Off-contract in Summer. If you need immediate assistance, please contact the Business & Technology office at 360-475-7360.

My Background...

In high school, I told my dad I either wanted to be a poet, or a programmer. He told me to take the programmer route, and it's been a terrific adventure.

I got to work at Digital Equipment Corporation's Database Research Group while getting my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, and then went on to work at Hewlett-Packard's database group in California while getting my Master's Degree in Computer Science specializing in Database Systems from Stanford University.

I was an active participant on the ANSI and ISO SQL Committees for Hewlett-Packard, Sybase, Cloudscape, Informix, and IBM. I researched and implemented relational database systems, object oriented database systems and object-relational database systems in a wide variety of languages and platforms. Here's a Tech Report I co-authored on OSQL.

A gem in my crown was developing major portions of the all-Java ORDBMS Cloudscape and running several of its release cycles; this software lives on in the public domain, having been contributed by IBM to Apache as Apache Derby.

In 2001, I left the technology sector and diverted to fiber arts. I became a well-known fiber art teacher and blogger, as Ask The Bellwether. That gave me a terrific opportunity to hone my teaching skills and to be a technology consumer, setting up my own blog and e-commerce website and developing print publications.

It's great to be combining my fascination with programming with my love of teaching, here at Olympic College. I look forward to sharing my industry experience and exploring technology in the classroom.

P.S. Why yes, that is me on the OC Staff & Faculty page.