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Stay in Touch

We'd love to know where you land after your OC education. A great place to register your skillset and track your career is LinkedIn.

Connect with me there -- we'd love to know where your career takes you after OC.

Job Search

OC offers the Career Center to help with your resume, job leads, and more.

Look on employers' websites. Typically in the footer you will find a "Careers" link that will show you their current openings. Those can be quite enlightening in terms of company culture, upcoming projects, and desired skills.

Continue your Education

If you were pursuing an AAS-T, you may be transferring to a Bachelor's program at another college. See "Transfer from OC" for more information. Consider OC's own BAS-IS program as well as pursuing options at other colleges and universities. OC's Advising Center can help with making post-OC education plans.

Many websites provide continuing education. What's most important is to pick one and continue your studies. Information Systems requires lifelong learning; keep in tune with current trends and pursue new technologies when they appear.

Here are some websites to explore:

If you know of others, please send me a pointer.

Here is an amazing writeup that captures so many right things on being a software developer: Step-by-step Path to Becoming a Great Software Developer, by John Sonmez.