Math 99-Fall 2014

Here are the course documents:

Tuesday, November 25th

Topics include using the quadratic formula and graphing in vertex form.

Thursday, November 27th

  • Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 18th

  • Exam 2

Thursday, November 20th

Tuesday, November 11th

  • Veterans class

Thursday, November 13th

Tuesday, November 4th

Topics the definition of a radical and rational exponents.

Thursday, November 6th

Tuesday, October 28th

Topics include distance-rate-time and work applications.

Thursday, October 30th

  • Exam covering Sections 5.1-5.6

Tuesday, October 21th

Topics include simplifying complex fractions.

Thursday, October 23th

Topics include Solving rational equations.

Tuesday, October 14th

Topics include an introduction to rational expression and multiplying/dividing rational expressions.

Thursday, October 16th

Topics include adding and subtracting rational expressions.

Tuesday, October 7th

Topics include factoring.

Thursday, October 9th

  • Exam covering Sections 2.7, 3.1-3.4, 4.5-4.7

Tuesday, September 30th

Topics include factoring

Thursday, October 2nd

Topics include factoring.

Tuesday, September 23rd

Topics include an introduction to the course, a review of lines and an introduction to functions.

Thursday, September 25th

Topics include an introduction systems of linear equations, graphing systems of linear equations and solving systems of linear equations by substitution.