Astronomy 105 – Exam 1 – Study Guide

Go through the suggested HW problems

Bring a pencil

For the Fill-in-the-blank questions: know relevant facts, events, terms, ideas, and concepts

Know the scientific method

What is the difference between Newton’s and Einstein’s theory of gravity?

What evidence supports the Big Bang Theory? What was created in the Big Bang? When did it occur?

How old is the solar system? How did the planets form in our solar system?

When did life arise on the Earth?

What are the different objects in our solar system and what regions of the solar system do they inhabit?

Know the terminology related to atoms and molecules

Know the different forms of energy. What happens to energy when it is used?

Know the electromagnetic spectrum and know how spectral lines are formed

What are the hallmarks of science? What is Occam’s Razor? What is a theory?

What is the speed of light and how does it affect our understanding of distant objects?

Human bodies are composed mostly of what? And where was this stuff created?

What is a habitable world?

What types of flying objects have been mistaken for UFOs?

What pieces of evidence suggest Alien visitation? What happened at Roswell?

What are the challenges of traveling between the stars?

Know the different types of spacecraft propulsion (chemical, nuclear and matter/antimatter) and their relative energy release.

What is the difference between fission and fusion?

What are the forces of nature?

What is the composition of the Universe?

Challenge Problem (12%): In what period in the history of the universe does life have the greatest chance of forming? Three different epochs will be given on the Exam and you will need to explain the relative possibility of life forming at the three different times. Justify your position with scientific reasoning and support your arguments with scientific facts.