Astronomy 105 – Exam 3 – Study Guide


Go over the suggested HW problems

Fill-in-the-blank questions: know relevant facts, terms, ideas, and concepts

Know the general properties that define life

What is the difference between natural selection and artificial selection?

What are cells and what are the molecular components of cells? What are their functions?

What are amino acids?

How are proteins formed?

Know the Tree of Life

How is energy stored and utilized in a cell?

What is DNA and how does it pass genetic information?

What are genes, genomes and the genetic code?

What are mutations?

What features are common in all life forms?

Know when the important events took place leading to the development of life (Fig 4.10)

What types of evidence suggest the existence of life early in the history of Earth?

How are organisms arranged in the Tree of Life?

Where did life most likely originate?

What lead to the colonization of land?

What ingredients were used in the Miller-Urey experiment?

What was the source of complex organic molecules?

What was the first molecule or cell that could replicate itself?

How likely can life on Mars be transport to the Earth?

What are the characteristics of early life forms on Earth?

How did Eukarya evolve?

Challenge Problem: know the source of Earth’s oxygen and know how oxygen is being used by organic and inorganic processes.