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Homework Assignment 3:

Due on Tuesday 22nd January






Section 5.6  Modelling Harmonic Motion. Page 456

#5 to 43 (EOO)

Section 6.1  Angle Measure.Section. Page 478

# 5 to 73 (EOO)

Section 6.2  Trigonometry of Right Triangles. Page 487

#3 to 43 (EOO) and 47,49 and 53 to 63 (ODD)



EOO Stands for Every Other Odd question so for example

#55 to 91 (EOO)

would be questions #55,59,63,67,71,75,79,83,87 and 91





Review Material, Class Notes and Solutions

Class Notes

The Unit Circle

Polar Paper Radians

Polar Paper Degrees.

Final Exam - Trig Formula



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