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Math 152 - Calculus II

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Chapter 5.1        page 375          Areas and Distances.        


Chapter 5.2        page 388          The Definite Integral.            

#1 to 11 (Odd) and #17 to 23 (odd)      

 Chapter 7.7        page 524          Approximate Integrals.  

#1 to 15 (Odd)           

Math 152 Homework 1 with Answers

(EOO) means Every Other Odd so for example #1 to 25 (EOO) would be questions 1,5,9,13,17,21,25




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Review Material, Class Notes and Solutions


Introduction to Claculus II

Section 5.3 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (Part I)

Section 5.3 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (Part I and II)

Section 5.5 Substitution Method Examples

Volumes of Revolution



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