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Math 264 - Calculus IV

Homework Assignments


Homework Assignment 7:

Due on Monday 20th May






13.5 Triple Integrals in Cyl. & Sph.     Page 1019     and 43,45,47 and 77

13.6 Applications                                     Page 1032      

#7 to 25 (Odd) and #33,35,37,45,47,49

13.7 Change of Variables                         Page 1043      

#5 to 25 (Odd)



Review Material, Class Notes and Solutions


Applications of Legrange Multipliers

Spherical Coordinate System





Mathematica Files

Here is the Mathematica CDF Player Link

Mathematica CDF Player



Solutions To Tests

Solutions To Test 1


Solutions To Take Home Test

Solutions To Take Home Test 1

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Solutions To Project 1

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