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Final Exam Changes

Due to the fact that Monday has now been cancelled I have to change all our plans. Disregard all other emails this is the only one you need to follow.
You have the following options regarding the Final Exam.

Option 1: You do not take the Final exam and you keep the grade you had on Thursday.

Option 2: You will download the Final Exam on Tuesday morning (it will be on my professors online site and on canvas) you will then complete the Final as a Take-Home Final Exam – you will be on the Honor System , so I expect that you will do it closed book and without reference to any documents / video etc…You will send the Final to me at my email address by 4pm You can scan it of take pictures of it and send it as an attchment to my email address

or post it before 5 pm.


After I have graded the Final, if it improves your grade then I will report the new higher grade but if it decreases your grade, I will keep the original better grade that you got.

My apologies for stressing you all out and by the frequent changes to the situation that you had to endure (none were in my control, I tried my best to allow you all the opportunity of a proper Final exam but circumstances got the better of us).

Have a great break and I hope to see some of you next quarter.

Class Key: olympic 3998 2730


(EOO) means Every Other Odd so for example #1 to 25 (EOO) would be questions 1,5,9,13,17,21,25

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