BMGMT 140 – Personal and Business Math

The Course is taught in MyMathLab, a publisher's website. Go to the OC CANVAS Online Site for information on how to access this online course. The course is not taught in CANVAS, however a CANVAS Announcement Page has been created to assist students in getting online to the MyMathLab classroom.
Check the Class Schedule Planner or the BMGMT Annual Course Schedule to make sure the course is actually being offered.


Students must be in the online course by the 3rd day of the quarter, or will be administratively withdrawn to allow students from the waitlist into the class.


Students may enter the online classroom to begin participation as early as the weekend before the quarter begins.

An Instructor Course ID, provided on the CANVAS Announcement Page is used along with a Student Access Code to register at The Student Access Code is contained in new Textbook Packages available at the OC Bookstore or can be purchased separately from the publisher. Contact or call  800 677-6337 if you need assistance getting into the online classroom or need the 2-week free access period. Once online a free eTextbook is available. Older editions can then be used to study course concepts offline. There are no significant content differences between the current edition and older ones.
Course Materials
Olympic College textbook package includes:
  • Business Math Brief (current edition), Cleaves & Hobbs; Prentice Hall
  • In an effort to save students money, any older edition of the textbook can be used for offline study. Once online a free current edition of the textbook is provided.
  • Student Access Code Card to be used when registering online to gain access to the online classroom.
  • The Instructor course ID at the top of this page will also be needed when registering online.
  • Want to take a tour of a Course Compass classroom website? Go to . Once on the site research the support features.
Please Note: do not purchase the Slater textbook by McGraw Hill. Purchase the Business Math Brief textbook package from the OC Bookstore (with Access Code), authored by Cleaves for the online Business Math Class.
General Course Information