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A one-day-on-campus entrepreneurial seminar on how to get more information from the basic Balance Sheet, Income and Cash Flow Statements. Information that could turn your business around. Topics include Ratio Analysis, Aging of Account Receivables, and Trend Analysis through Industry comparisons. Applicable to start-up and existing small businesses.

This course is taught in a Hybrid format.  Substantial online course requirements must be completed before the one-day-on-campus class meeting. Preparation time to complete the pre-class assignment is approximately one week prior to class. No partial credit will be given for either completing the pre-class assignments or attending the one-day on-campus class session - separately. They must both be completed to earn credit for this course. Read on to learn more about the Pre-Class Assignment.

Course materials are delivered via CANVAS. Students new to CANVAS should contact the OC Distance Learning Center for information on how to enter the course. They also offer a continuous enrollment,  free CANVAS orientation course. To participate in the one-day-on-campus class session students must have read the required textbook, and completed the Pre-Class Assignment. This assignment is a Take Home Test Case Study, due at the beginning of the one-day-on-campus class session. Please go to the CANVAS site and log-in to access the course materials. Do not email your Take Home Test Case Study to your instructor.  It will be physically collected at the beginning of the one-day-on-campus class meeting.

The course will typically open for instructor comment and direction on the first day of the quarter that it is offered. Use FIREFOX to access the CANVAS site. When signing in to the site use your last name on file with the college registrar. This is the way it will appear on the class roster. Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you have had a recent name change. If you are unsure about how to access CANVAS and the course materials, or just having trouble with your home Internet Service Provider, go to an Olympic College computer lab and request that a tech assist you with activating your OC email account,  and signing in to CANVAS. Students not in the online classroom by the 3rd day will be administratively withdrawn, to allow students from the waitlist in.

You will need to have a .pdf reader (like Adobe Acrobat) on your home computer.

Course Materials
Olympic College required textbook:
  • Understanding Financial Statements, James O. Gill; Crisp Publications, Inc. (any edition)
General Course Information

All course materials are delivered through CANVAS. Contact the Distance Learning Office or a lab tech for assistance with signing in to CANVAS. or call360 475-7770.