The Course is taught in MyManagementLab, a publisher's website. Go to the OC CANVAS Online Site for information on how to access this online course. The course is not taught in CANVAS, however a CANVAS Announcement Page has been created to assist students in getting online to the MyManagementLab classroom.
This course requires an Instructor Course ID as well as a Student Online Access Code. Both codes are required for Hybrid and Online versions of this course, and are used to sign-in/register to the MyManagementLab course website. Contact the OC Bookstore for information on how to purchase a textbook package or separate Access Code.
Contact the publisher at or or 800 677-6337 for information on how to purchase the Access Code or a free 2-week access period.
Students not in attendance on the first class session or in the online classroom by the 3rd day will be administratively dropped to allow students on the waitlist in. There are no pre-class assignments due when taught in the Hybrid format. 
Check the Class Schedule Planner or the BMGMT Annual Course Schedule to make sure the course is actually being offered.
This course explores the functions of management and strategies for effective leadership. It provides an overview of management theory, organizational structure, teams and team leadership, empowerment, and the relevance of government regulation and social responsibility to managerial decision making in multi-racial, multi-gender environments. A Skill-Based Career Portfolio is also developed.
Course Materials
Olympic College required textbook:
  • Developing Management Skills by Whetten & Cameron, current edition Pub: Prentice Hall. In an effort to save money for students, any older edition of the textbook can be used for offline study as there are no significant differences relative to the new edition. Once online the publisher provides a free current edition etextbook.
General Course Outline