Business Management (ATA) – 90 Credits

This Business Management Vocational Degree Program is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in retail, public service, government and small business environments within a two-year format. The ATA is awarded upon the successful completion of a minimum of 90 quarter credits with an overall grade point average of 2.0. A minimum of 20 credits must be taken from Olympic College, including the last 10 credits. Students are required to successfully complete the required Business Management core plus 24 credits from a selection of additional Business Management courses. To complete the 90 credit program, the student is free to choose 10 additional credits of elective coursework, at the 100 level or above (as of Jan. 2012). This degree currently transfers to The Evergreen State College, Western Washington State College and the Olympic College 4 YR BAS. Attend a Business Management Group Advising session to determine the most efficient way to schedule courses to accomplish the transfer to these 4 - year degree programs.


Upon successful completion of this ATA Business Management degree program, students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:

  1. Articulate the relationship of leadership and how it relates to the functions of management.
  2. Use basic accounting information and quantitative analysis to suggest effective solutions to business problems and situations as they relate to management, investors, creditors and government agencies.
  3. Effectively use oral and written communication skills as they relate to the business environment.
  4. Effectively use computer software to research and organize information, supporting management information systems and decision making.
  5. Evaluate and suggest improvements to product/service delivery in meeting customer and marketplace needs.
  6. Show respect and the ability to work collaboratively with diverse individuals and teams.
  7. Analyze legal and ethical implications of business conduct.
  8. Develop strategies that foster personal and professional growth and the ability to manage change in a global business environment.

Required ATA course work is listed through the link below.

New students should also view the FAQ & Getting Started documents found in the Menu Bar at the left side of the Opening Page of this website. It identifies how to begin the program and contains helpful links to a variety of OC resources.


Upon successful completion of the ATA in Business Management requirements, students will need to complete a graduation application approved by a Business Management Program Advisor. The Graduation Application instructional handout, with step-by-step information, can be found in the Menu Bar on the Opening Page of this website. This should be completed before contacting the Business Management Advisor.