Sales & Marketing (Certificate of Recognition) – 19 Credits

The Business Management Program Sales & Marketing Certificate of Recognition is uniquely designed to accompany an individual’s previous experience and/or training in other professional fields and environments.


Upon successful completion of the Business Management Sales & Marketing Certificate of Recognition, students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:

  1. Effectively describe key components of a non-traditional small business marketing campaign.
  2. Identify basic consumer buyer behavior and corresponding marketing strategies in maintaining customer relationships.
  3. Write a basic Marketing Plan.
  4. Identify traits, skills, and responsibilities necessary for the sales professional.
  5. Describe a variety of e-business strategies and platforms to enhance information management systems.

A list of course requirements are located through the link below: 


New students should also view the FAQ & Getting Started documents found in the Menu Bar at the left side of the Opening Page of this website. It identifies how to begin the Business Management program.

Successful completion of the Sales & Marketing Certificate requires students to complete a certificate application approved by a Business Management Program Advisor. The Graduation Application instructional handout, with step-by-step information, can be found in the Menu Bar on the Opening Page of this website, and should be completed before contacting a Business Management Advisor.