Getting Started in the business management program AND ADVISING Information

The following is a brief description of how, to begin coursework at Olympic College.


To begin, go to the Olympic College (OC) website and type the year of the current catalog into the search box. For example: 2017 - 2018 Olympic College Catalog. Reviewing the college catalog provides an idea of the degrees and program certificates that the college offers.


Students should review the Business Management ATA Degree Program and Certificate links in the Menu Bar at the left side of theis page. Getting Started in the Business Management Program and Advising, and FAQ links should also be thoroughly read, before seeing an advisor.


Contacting the Admissions Office at , or by calling Registration & Records at 360-475-7200 or 1-800-259-6718 Ext. 7200, will begin the registration process.

  1. Completing the Application for Admissions form online or through the the Admissions Office, will allow students access to a number of OC resources. Enrolling for actual classes is a separate process that requires registering within a specific time period.
  2. Once enrolled, the first point of contact for a new or returning student should be the Advising & Counseling Services Center on the 2nd floor of the Humanities & Social Sciences Building (HSS). Students should attend the Information Session there and make arrangements to take the Accuplacer placement test for Math and English. The center's phone number is (360) 475-7530.
  3. A vocational advisor will assist in developing an Educational Plan. The plan must include course previously taken and currently enrolled in. Ed Plan approval is provided through Business Management Group Advising Session with Professor Johnson. To begin, an appointment should be made to meet with: Teresa Brooks or Steve Quinn at the Advising & Counseling Services Center. Students attending classes on the Shelton Campus should contact faculty there. To access a 2-year Annual Schedule of Business Management course offerings, click on the Annual Schedule Link in the Menu Bar on the left side of this website opening page.
  4. Students who are working with a Labor & Industry, Veterans, or Worker Retaining professional, may need to contact representatives in those departments to access special resources available to them. If job placement or other industry information is required to approve a program of study, contact the Career Center.
  5. If you have courses from another institution that you believe may transfer to Olympic College, please contact Registration & Records. Typically students contact their previous school and request that an Official Transcript be sent directly to the Olympic College Registrar. Do not have them sent to Business Management faculty. You should follow-up  by requesting an evaluation of that transcript. The form can be obtained at   Once the Transfer Credit Evaluation form has been submitted, it typically takes several weeks, however this should result in an Evaluation of Transcript Credits Report, which should be copied for Professor Johnson. A similar process should also be followed for military credits. Cooperative Work Experiences are facilitated through the Career Center.
  6. Business Management faculty post their office hours each quarter. To obtain office hour times, refer to their Professors Online website, or call the Business & Technology Division Office  (360) 475-7360. Faculty may be particularly helpful in answering questions that pertain to special circumstances, course substitutions, waivers, or evaluation of transfer credits. The Advising Office should be consulted for general program questions, assistance with quarterly scheduling, and Educational Plan development.
  7. Students inquiring about a reasonable accommodation should contact or call 360 475-7540.
  8. The Olympic College View is a quarterly publication that lists the days, times, and location of all courses taught in the upcoming quarter. The View is available on the OC website several weeks before a new quarter begins. Simply type into the search box. For example: OC VIEW Fall 2018. Community members not receiving one by mail, can also obtain a current copy from most college campus offices. Be aware when registering for quarterly classes, the registration system will typically not allow you to register for classes whose time frames overlap.
  9. You can begin the Business Management Program of coursework at the beginning of any quarter. Most (BMGMT) courses have no prerequisite. Math and English classes do. It is strongly recommended that students take a free- zero credit - GEN 097 course, to learn how to navigate and access CANVAS. This course is the primary delivery system for most OC online materials. The course should be taken in the first quarter, and is offerred online or on-camus the week before and after the quarter starts.
  10. If your plan of study includes learning how to develop a Business Plan, it is strongly recommended that you complete Accounting, Marketing, Math and English courses before enrolling in the BMGMT Small Business Planning course. The OC Catalog contains an INDEX that lists all courses by title and number, and also provides information on pre-requisites there.
  11. After registering, make a note of the day, time, and location of your class. Best to arrive a few minutes before class begins. Some classes meet daily, others Mon/Wed/Fri, others Tue/Thur. Some meet on Saturday, are available online, and some are a mix of ground and online (hybrids) content delivery. If you find yourself on a class waiting list, it is a good idea to attend the first day of class to let the instructor know you are prepared to begin in the event another student drops the class or fails to show up.
  12. For Online classes, check the OC View directly under the course title for information on how to access the course online. Also go to CANVAS as Professor Johnson creates a CANVAS information page for each of her classes, to assist students in getting online, even if the actual course is not taught in CANVAS. Contact for information on how to access CANVAS. Students should be participating online by the 3rd day of the quarter to avoid being administratively withdrawn. Statistics indicate that students who are not able to participate within the first week of an online class are less likely to catch up and are less successful in completing courses.
  13. Professor Johnson's MyLab and CONNECT online classroom websites typically allow for a two-week, free access period which includes a free etextbook online. Contact the individual publisher's online classroom website for more information. Students must purchase Access Codes before the 2 week grace period is over or risk being locked out of the course by the publisher. Faculty do not have the authority to over ride this. The Access Codes is included in a new textbook package available at the OC Bookstore. Students can also separately purchase the access code and use the free online etextbook by contacting the publisher, or purchasing the access code separately from the bookstore. to assisst students in keeping down the cost of textbooks, professor allows any older edition for offline study.
  14. Almost all classes require a textbook. They can be obtained from the Olympic College Bookstore  It is best to have the required text before class begins. Business Management textbooks or materials can be found on bookstore shelves listed under BMGMT. The staff is very helpful. They can be reached online or at 360-475-7420 or 1-800-259-6718 Ext. 7420. Be sure to keep your textbook and material receipts, and don't write on them, until after the class starts and you are sure you won't be returning them. Renting books is also an option.
  15. If you are in need assistance in acquiring textbooks or other materials, contact the students In Need Group (SING) Professor Johnson allows the use of older textbook editions. Check with other instructors individually by email to see if they too would allow an older edition. Consider buying the older editions from online used textbook sites for a few dollars and pay the extra $10 for over night delivery.
  16. Make the time to become a great student. Education takes time. As a rule of thumb, for ever credit you take, you should expect to spend three hours per week in outside of class study in order to be successful. Online courses take even more time. That is why a full-time student who takes 15 credit hours is called a full-time student. Their educational time is equal to a full-time job of 40 hours or more!