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Math 141   Pre-Calculus I : College Algebra - ONLINE -SPRING 2017

This course will require you to watch videos and be active with reading the material on your own time.  This is an 11 WEEK COURSE, you will need to balance your schedule wisely and be sure to pay attention to the various due dates.  Read through the syllabi and look through the daily calendar below to get a sense of how the course will run during the quarter.  This course is going to require quite a commitment on your end to be successful with the material. 

  • Course Content - syllabi
  • Course Daily Calendar
  • MyMathLab registration information handout.   You will need a MyMathLab student access code for this course.  You can purchase the MyMathLab kit from the OC bookstore or you can purchase the access code online through the pearsonmylab website after you begin the student registration process.  You will need the courseid which can be found within the syllabi or on the handout above.
  • For students who used MyMathLab for the first quarter of this course online will just need the courseid for this course which can be found in the syllabi.
  • Be sure to register with an email that you check frequently, as I will be updating you almost daily to make sure you are aware of activities in the class.
  • The college administration has asked that faculty teaching online post the following message to students:

    For all Olympic College students: The official email address used to communicate with you is the Olympic College-assigned student email address. Your email address is your full firstname and lastname with the @student.olympic.edu at the end. (For example: johndoe@student.olympic.edu)

    For more information and to access your student email go to: http://www.olympic.edu/Students/StudentEmail/


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