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Math 163 Calculus III  - Winter 2017
This course will require you to watch a video and do a bit of reading prior to attending class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  We will spend most of the time in class working with handouts to do many examples individually and/or in a group setting.  You will need to be comfortable asking questions and talking with others in class.

Homework and quizzes are done using the online homework system MyMathLab.  Please use this handout to help with registering with the course webplatform.

Mathematica Handout & Guides

  • Sequences and Series dynamic file that can be opened with Mathematica or the cdf player.  Once opened everything in the light yellow box can be run using the Shift+Enter command.
  • Sequences and Series static file that can be opened using Adobe Reader.

Video Content:

Sequences:  Handout to accompany Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4, Video5
Monotone Sequences:  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3
Geometric Series:  Handout to accompany Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6
Divergence Test:  Handout to accompany Video 1 and Video 2
     Integral Test:  handout from Divergence Test:  Video 1 and Video 2
     Estimation of Sums:  handout from Divergence Test:  Video 1, Video 2

More Convergence Tests:  Handout  to accompany
      Straight Comparison Test:   Video
      Limit Comparison Test:  Video
      Ratio & Root Test:   Video 1 and Video 2

Alternating Series Test:  Handout to accompany
      Using the Alternating Series Test:    Video
      Conditional vs. Absolute Convergence: 

Power Series:  Handout to accompany
     Interval of Convergence:  Video 1, Video 2A, Video 2B, Video 3

Functions as a Power Series: Handout to accompany:
     Representations of certain Functions:  Video 1, Video 2
     Calculus on a Power Series:  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Taylor Series:  Handout to accompany
    Known series representations:  Video 1
    Structure for Coefficients:  Video 1
    Examples Creating a series expansion for a function:  Video 1, Video 2
    Manipulating knows series expansions:  Video 1 Video 2

Binomial Series:  Handout to accompany
    Basics of a Binomial Series:  Video 1
    Examples of a Binomial Series:  Video 1
    Applications using Binomial Series:  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Recall Parametric Equations:  Handout to accompany
    Basics:  Video 1
    Example:  Video 2
    Example:  Video 3


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