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Who am I? 

     Currently, I am a mathematics professor at Olympic College.  I received my Bachelor's degree at the University of Puget Sound where I double majored in mathematics and physics.  I then traveled across the country to Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne FL where I finished a doctorate in Applied Mathematics.

     My dissertation was titled "New Fixed Point Theorems in Partially Ordered Metric Spaces with Applications".  My advisor for this body of work was Dr. V. Lakshmikantham.  But, I also worked very closely with Dr. Bhaskar Tenali who offered great insight to my research.  My current research focuses on nonlinear differential equations with applications of the well-known monotone convergence theorem and contraction mapping theorem.  I am beginning to branch out in the area of set differential equations and stochastic differential equations.

     In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife and my two beautiful girls.  I am an avid sports fan, but have been turned away from sporting events due to the ludicrous amounts of money that the owners give to the players.   

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