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Writing in Mathematics!

    I am an advocate in writing across the curriculum, which includes mathematics courses.  My colleagues and I incorporate writing assignments in Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. The writing assignments are geared to specific topics in each course.  They are meant to be a mechanism for which the students can begin to learn how to communicate mathematically.

     The assignments have been  very successful in the Calculus and above courses, and are beginning to gain acceptance at the Pre-Calculus level.  The grading of the assignments is based on an article by Annalisa Crannell at Franklin & Marshall College in PRIMUS 4, 3 (1994), 193-201.  For more information you can check of Dr. Crannell's writing materials on the web.  The grading tool used in my courses in based on these grading checklists.

     Some writing assignments used in previous quarters.
       Pre-Calculus I: College Algebra
Article Review
Oil Spill
               Grizzly population

         Calculus II
Fish Harvesting

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