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   Engineering is an exciting field with good pay and job satisfaction. The road to becoming an engineer is not for the faint of heart or the motivationally challenged. It takes four years of intensive study. The subjects are difficult and the cost is substantial as with all other college programs. You can, however, reduce the cost substantially by doing the first two of those four years at Olympic College: the costs at OC being about half the cost at the University of Washington. Additional pluses in attending OC are the much smaller class sizes and the relatively short commute times. 

   The classes and instructors at OC meet the highest academic standards. Because they do meet such high standards and because of transfer agreements with the four-year Universities in Washington State any class you take at OC transfers as if you had taken it at the four-year campus. 

  You should, however, work closely with OC advisors and the engineering advisors at any four-year school to insure transfer of your course work.

Information on Washington State University Mechanical Engineering Degree Program at Olympic College

Mission : The Mission of Engineering Transfer Program is to graduate students who are prepared to excel in any four-year Engineering Program in the country.

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