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CIS 112 Introduction to Windows

 Fall 2012







Course Description:


This course will introduce you to the Microsoft Windows operating system. No prior computer experience is assumed. You will be given an overview of Microsoft Windows 7, and learn to create and save files. Then, you will learn how to bring the World Wide Web to your desktop, and how to conduct searches for information.



Course Objectives:


Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:


·         Configure the Windows 7 Desktop

·         Work with Windows Explorer

·         Start and stop programs

·         Use Windows media player

·         Identify the key elements of a computer file

·         Create and rename files and folders

·         Change folder options

·         Customize the taskbar

·         Customize the Start menu

·         Manage Windows Firewall

·         Etc.


Credits: 1


Course Materials (Required):












Microsoft® Windows 7 – Illustrated Series Introductory

1st Edition


Course Technology




Course Outline:


Unit A: Introducing Windows 7


Unit B: Working with Windows Programs


Unit C: Managing Files and Folders


Unit D: Customizing File and Folder Management


Unit E: Customizing Windows Using the Control Panel


Unit F: Securing Your Computer


Unit G: Exploring the Internet with Microsoft Internet Explorer


Unit H: Exchanging Mail and News


Communicating through WAOL (via the ANGEL Learning website):

Please be aware that the best way to communicate with your instructor is to use the internal email system within the Angel Learning website.  Optionally you can use your Olympic College-provided student email address (e.g. jayhawkins@inst.oc.ctc.edu and the Outlook Web Access – OWA – website – https://inst.oc.ctc.edu/exchange), but the preferred, and most reliable, method of communication will be thru ANGEL.  If you use external email (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Hotmail, etc.), then please be sure to add your [real] name and class number to your email so your instructor will know who it is from. If you prefer not to use the internal ANGEL email system, then you should use only your OC email address for online classes, because other external email tends to get filtered-out as it attempts to navigate its way through the Olympic College junk e-mail (S*PAM) filters. If there is something specific to you and your grades please send me an email otherwise, generally speaking, post a message to the Discussion Board for the module that you are working on.

E-mail Etiquette (for email originating outside of ANGEL – e.g. OWA) – The following guidelines should be adhered to in order to assure a fast, accurate and meaningful response from e-mail sent by the student to the instructor (outside of the [internal] Angel email system – e.g. via Outlook Web Access [OWA]).  Remember, the instructor has many students in many classes.  Incorrectly formatted e-mail may hinder/delay a response back from your instructor.  Feel free to use the [internal] Angel email system (found under the “Communicate” tab within the Angel Learning system.  If that doesn’t work, use your OC Webmail by going to the following URL in your favorite browser (e.g. IE7) – https://inst.oc.ctc.edu/exchange

Use the e-mail address at the bottom of the syllabus for corresponding with your instructor, outside of Angel email system, as a backup.



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Subject Line: CIS 112, Hawkins, Jay – This is what I need help with


Course Evaluation Grading Scale:

Letter Grade


Qualitative Definition

Quantitative Definition



Superior course outcomes mastery

96 - 100




93 - 95




90 - 92



Exceeds acceptable course outcomes mastery

87 - 89




83  - 86




80 - 82



Acceptable course outcomes mastery

77 - 79




73 - 76




70 - 72



Minimum course outcomes mastery

67 - 69




63 - 66



Failure to master course outcomes

62 - Less


Technical difficulties:

Everyone experiences technical difficulties including the ANGEL Learning website and WAOL. You should have an alternate plan in the event of technical difficulties. Please notify me immediately if this is happening to you.  You may call me, send an email or use a school computer.

Student Conduct:

Everyone deserves to have a good learning environment. I will follow the rules of the college in the classroom. Please see the Student Handbook for the Student Conduct Code. All forms of dishonesty will be subject to immediate disciplinary action (see the section below on Academic Honesty). Sometimes there may be a lecture section being conducted while you are in the T-213 lab performing your lab work.  Classroom disruptions such as tardiness, talking during lecture and cell phone use are not acceptable. Repeated infractions will be referred to the Vice President of Student Services. Please turn off your cell phone before entering the classroom.



Academic Honesty:

At Olympic College, students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity by completing their own work assignments and assessments. Effective planning and progress must be accomplished for students to be successful in their degree program of study. Submission of work from another person, whether it is from printed sources or someone other than the student, previously graded papers, papers submitted without proper source citation, or submitting the same paper to multiple courses without the knowledge of all instructors involved can result in a failing grade or be reported to the Olympic College Vice Principle of Student Services for appropriate sanctions or disciplinary actions. All students are expected to adhere to the standards as set forth in the Student Code of Conduct and Statement on Academic Honesty.

The administration, faculty, and student government of Olympic College believe strongly in the concept of an honor system. This belief is based on the knowledge that in competitive professional environments, greater emphasis is placed on originality and integrity of ideas and work. All members of the Olympic College academic community, including faculty, students, and administration, are expected to assist in maintaining the integrity of the College, which includes reporting incidents that violate the Statement on Academic Honesty.

For Olympic College course work, please note that learning events are to be that of the student’s own work, and group projects are collaborative efforts.

Additional policies can be found at:


Homework Policy:

You are responsible for doing all online assignments, reviewing the online materials for that week, participating in the group activity for the week (case study), and turning in all assignments on time. You will also have a weekly reading assignment, which will support that week's learning objectives, and which you are encouraged to complete ahead of time. Post any questions that you may have to either the common area of your class, where the questions may be answered by any students, or post them directly to me. Please bring your questions that cannot be answered online to class.


Writing Lab:

Students are encouraged to make use of the Olympic College Writing Center.  The Writing Center is located in Humanities 115, open from 9 – 5 M & Tu, and 9 – 2 W – F.  Students are encouraged to make appointments, but may also drop in.  The phone # is 475-7318.

Special Accommodations:

If you have a disability and will need special services, please call or visit Access Services as soon as possible. They are in Humanities Building, room 114 (360) 475-7540.

Can I Help?

I want you to do well in this class and in college. If you have a problem or situation that is affecting your schoolwork, please let me know. Olympic College has many services to help students be successful. You can contact me by e-mail, instant message (IM), voice mail, or talk to me right before or after class.


Instructor Information -

Name: Jay Hawkins

Phone: (C) 360-271-0666

Instructor Office Hours:

By appointment only





Olympic College 1600 Chester Ave Bremerton WA 98337-1699