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Course: CIS 123 - System Architecture and Logic


Course Description:

This course begins with an overview of properties of exponents and dimensional analysis. Next is a thorough discussion of binary arithmetic, including two's complement and metric prefixes. Octal and hexadecimal systems follow along with a description of ASCII and Unicode. The student then examines basic set theory, Venn diagrams, propositional logic, and truth tables. The use of the propositional operators is reinforced in the context of Internet search queries. Boolean logic and combinatorial circuits (with Karnaugh maps) comprise the next section. The course ends with a wonderful discussion of the RGB color code scheme using Venn diagrams and an explanation of monitor coordinates. 

Course Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course the student will:

  • Know the relationship between software and hardware logic
  • Know and apply algebraic protocols to computer systems
  • Know and apply alternate numerical systems
  • Apply this knowledge and understanding to the logical operation of computer systems

Course Learning Outcomes:

The intention is for the student to be able to provide logic and computational models for small and large computer systems and networks.


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