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CIS 150 - Survey of Microcomputers Hybrid - Syllabus

Spring 2009, MW, 1-3:15 P.M.; T-200 Hybrid/Angel



Instructor       :      Kevin Blackwell

Office Hours:   :     Bremerton-Technology building, T-215; 9:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M. or by appointment

Email               :       kblackwell@olympic.edu

Phone             :       (360) 475-7379

Angel  LMS    :       http://angel.olympic.edu


Online            :       http://faculty.olympic.edu/kblackwell


Email Addrs   :      cmptr150waolb@inst.oc.ctc.edu




COURSE DESCRIPTION: An introduction to microcomputers for non-computer majors, including the Windows environment, word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation programs.  Applications will primarily focus on the use of the Internet and Microsoft software programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.



·         Microsoft Office 2007, Premium Edition (Illustrated Series-Introductory) (Beskeen, Cram, Duffy, Friedrichsen & Reding) Custom Edition for Olympic College (ISBN-13:978-1-42881-2, ISBN-10: 1-435-42881-1)

·         SAM 2007 Assessment & Training Software (ISBN-13: 978-1-4239-9793-1, ISBN-10: 1-4239-9793-X)


SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS:  If you need course adaptations or accommodation because of a disability, medical problem, learning problem, or special circumstance, please make an appointment with instructor or make appropriate arrangements with Adaptive Services (located in the Humanities Building, Room 114 @ (360) 475-7540).  Also, if you need tutoring, please contact Tutorial Services next door to Adaptive Services as early on in the quarter as possible, H-114A @ (360) 475-7545.



March 30                    First day of the quarter

May 25                       Memorial Day recess

June 4                       Last day of class/Presentations; all lessons due

June 10                      Quarter Ends




Failure to formally withdraw within established timelines, or to successfully pass the course, may result in failing (“F”) or withdrawal/failing (“WF”) punitive grades. If circumstances prevent you from completing this class, please see the Instructor as early as possible to discuss a withdrawal/passing (“WP”) non-punitive grade. Note that an “Incomplete” (“I”) grade will only be assigned for documented medical or emergency reasons.


Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  Students are responsible for their learning, and are highly encouraged to actively engage in the learning process by asking questions and seeking additional help from the instructor, as may be needed (see designated office hours or you may request a special appointment time). Should I discover any dishonest activity, student(s) involved will be subject to college policy, which could be as severe as expulsion from Olympic College.


Students should be aware of the Student Code of Conduct and Classroom Behavior and Etiquette standards, and of subsequent action that can be taken for cheating, plagiarism, disruptive behavior, and other misconduct.  A copy of the written handbook may be obtained from the Vice President of Student Services Office, College Service Center, Room 300.  http://www.olympic.edu/StaffFaculty/Policies/ConductCode/



Course Competencies:  12%

Assignments                 68%

Exams                          20%



COMPETENCIES count for 5% of the course grade.  This includes an independent completion of introductory-level assignments in the use of Windows, Internet, Outlook/Email, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, and MS PowerPoint, as well as in-class participation and attitude exhibited in the Angel classroom.


ASSIGNMENTS will count for 60% of the course grade, including MS Outlook email/internet, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access and MS PowerPoint (2007 version software REQUIRED).  This percentage will be pro-rated accordingly for any assignments not submitted by final due date (see syllabus and class calendar/lesson plan).  NOTE:  Students should read/review unit to be covered in class (see Class Calendar) BEFORE scheduled lecture for a clearer understanding and familiarity of presentation.  Advance reading/review by the student is critical to building a sufficient level of proficiency in this fast-paced, comprehensive survey class. 


STUDENTS are encouraged to work through tutorials as they read through each unit to reinforce hands-on application skills.  Note that if you cannot recall process, end of unit Skills Reviews (second section in colored pages), the number of each assigned task coincides with the title of a specific (white, tutorial) page, where students can review the particular feature(s) being covered in the specific skills review tasks to further reinforce your learning.


Use Word to consolidate answers for end-of-chapter, Concepts Reviews for each application, e.g. Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.  Upon completion, all files must be email-attached with the concepts review file in one message, with the application in the subject line, sent to the class account at cmptr150waolb@olympic.edu


See Angel/Assignments for each respective folder (Internet, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) for Independent Challenge assignments.



Internet (9):  Submit tasks by email attachment

Word (Units A-D):  Concepts and Independent Challenges

Excel (Units A-D):  Concepts and Independent Challenges

Access (Units A-D):  Concepts, Ind. Challenges/Exercise

PowerPoint (Units A-D):  Concepts and Presentation



COURSE: The student is responsible for their own learning.  Because of the nature of this lab/lecture class format, the student is responsible for determining what material is being covered, and which tasks are assigned and when due.  Note that excessive absence may result in grade penalty to the competencies portion of the course grade and may prevent completion of all tasks assigned.




Letter Grade


Qualitative Definition

Quantitative Definition



Superior course outcomes mastery

96 - 100




93 - 95




90 - 92



Exceeds acceptable course outcomes mastery

87 - 89




83  - 86




80 - 82



Acceptable course outcomes mastery

77 - 79




73 - 76




70 - 72



Minimum course outcomes mastery

67 - 69




63 - 66



Failure to master course outcomes

62 - Less


COURSE OUTCOMES -- Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

1.       Identify major components of microcomputer hardware and recognize uses of software available.

2.       Use Microsoft Windows and DOS to perform maintenance tasks to (or create new) files and folders, directories, and software programs.

3.       Use word processing to create, edit, format, and print tasks using text data, numerical information, and/or graphics (MS Word).

4.       Use spreadsheet software to create, edit, format, and print spreadsheets using primarily numerical data (MS Excel).

5.       Use database to create tables, conduct queries containing multiple records/files, and create forms and reports to summarize data (MS Access).

6.       Use the Internet to research various text and graphic files, and create a web publication (Explorer).

7.       Integrate files between programs -- word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and the Internet.

8.    Increase awareness of Office 2007 MOUS Certification objectives.



·         Hands-on performance

·         Instructor observations

·         Written examinations

·        Oral Presentations


Olympic College 1600 Chester Ave Bremerton WA 98337-1699