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Course CIS 215

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Course Description:

Students will search and manipulate text strings using formal regular expressions methods to support programming and network environments.

This class is intended for students with fundamental skills in computer programming and familiarity with one of the following technologies: Perl, Java, .NET, C#, Python, PCRE, PHP, the vi editor, JavaScript, or *NIX shell tools. Students are strongly encouraged to contact faculty before enrolling in this class to review the prerequisite skills and knowledge needed for a successful experience.

The prerequisite skills may be obtained by taking CMPTR 120, CMPTR 207, CMPTR 146, CMPTR 147, CMPTR 219, CMPTR 261, or CMPTR 262

Course Objectives:

Upon success completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Read and write a regular expression (regex) that describes a simple pattern in text
  • Make use of several tools that use regular expressions, such as grep, egrep, and sed
  • Describe the syntax of sets, complements, repetitions, and alternatives
  • Use groups for matching parts of a pattern
  • Demonstrate the use of a regex in conjunction with a scripting language such as Perl or awk
  • Use the regexp search and replace commands in a programming editor
  • Perform simple form verification using pattern matching and regular expressions



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