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Course CIS 261 - Operating Systems/UNIX

Course Description:

This hands-on course is designed to prepare you for the CompTIA Linux+ certification exam and for the challenges you will face as a Linux networking professional. CompTIA Linux+ is a vendor-neutral certification, generic across distributions, that validates the knowledge of individuals with a minimum of six to twelve months of practical Linux experience. Lectures, projects and exercises reinforce skills as they are learned. The text includes CoursePrep® Test Preparation software will help get you ready for the exam day. Specific topic coverage includes: Introduction to Linux, Preparing for Linux Installation, Linux Installation and Usage, Exploring Linux Filesystems, Storage Management, Linux Filesystem Administration, Advanced Installation, Working with the BASH Shell, System Initialization and X Windows, Managing Linux Processes, Common Administrative Tasks, Compression, System Backup, and Software Installation, Troubleshooting and Performance, Network Configuration, and Configuring Network Services and Security.

Course Learning Outcomes:

 The student will develop and apply knowledge and skill in implementing and maintaining the components of a Linux-based network infrastructure. Upon course completion, students should; be able to explain fundamental management of Linux systems from the command line, demonstrate knowledge of user administration, understand file permissions, software configurations, and management of Linux-based clients, server systems and security.


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