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Course CIS 262 - UNIX Administration

Course Description and Objectives: This course is designed to introduce advanced LAN management, the planning, design, security and implementation of networking services, and the integration of Linux/UNIX with other operating systems using Redhat Enterprise Linux version 5 (RHEL5) and the freely available Fedora Core 3 operating system.  This practice-based course is designed to prepare users to administer UNIX-based systems in a secure, networked, client-server environment and maps to the second exam of the LPI/LCA certification.

Specific topics covered include: Networking Fundamentals, Configuring Basic Networking, Configuring Client Services, Using Simple Network Services, Configuring File-sharing Services, Configuring Major Network Services, Security, Ethics, and Privacy, File Security, User Security, Cryptography, Network Security Fundamentals, and Security Tools.

Linux is the fastest growing operating system today. As the number of companies implementing Linux increases, so too does the rapidly-developing need for skilled users, developers and administrators. Advanced Guide to Linux Networking and Security was especially designed for individuals who want to move beyond just the basics of Linux installation and administration into a broader study of the many security issues surrounding this operating system.


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