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Course CIS 298

CIS Practicum

Course Description:

A capstone course (often combined with the 1-credit COOP 121 - Cooperative Work Experience course) providing in-depth hands-on experience in one of the seven areas of computer information systems: networking, hardware maintenance/repair, information systems security, web development, project management, database management/administration, or systems development (i.e. "programming").  This course may be repeated up to 3 times for credit.  A total of 3-credit hours is currently required for graduation with the Professional-Technical AAS (Associate of Applied Sciences) or ATA (Associate of Technical Arts) degree.

This course always requires the Instructor's permission to enroll

Course Objectives:

Upon success completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Meet the requirement for all professional-technical degrees, which is to have documented work experience within your "major"
  • Show that you can work successfully as an Information Technology professional in a production environment
  • Add "real world" experience to your professional résumé that shows you can apply "book knowledge" to "real world" business scenarios
  • Leverage pre-graduation internship and apprenticeship experience into a permanent, full-time, job (with benefits) if the opportunity presents itself
  • Gain invaluable experience working with other IT professionals as part of a support team
  • Document an additional 90 hours (minimum) on your résumé, demonstrating work experience in the field of your area of study
  • Develop a potential source of good professional work references for future job opportunities
  • Apply critical thinking skills and root cause analysis (and other troubleshooting methodologies) to solving some of the most difficult challenges that an IT professional might face
  • Function at level 5 of Bloom's Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain ("synthesis") by combining what you've learned as a student in the Computer Information Systems (CIS) program, arriving at conclusions logically and intuitively, learning to solve problems that you did not encounter in the classroom, and applying problem solving and research skills to address a wide and diverse range of Information Technology problems and apply corrective actions to those problems.



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