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Spring 2018: Online Math&141, Online Math&146, Online Math&148

  1. MyStatLab ( will be used for math&146 and MyMathLab ( will be used for math&141 and math&148.
  2. An email of the course information including the course syllabus will be sent on Saturday March 31st to all online students' OC email account, students are required to read.
  3. Students must check OC email to find out how to register into the course website and get other course information. If you do not know your OC email account, please contact OC Help Desk, 360-475-7600.
  4. Registration into the course website will begin on Saturday March 31st and end at 9pm Thursday April 5th.
  5. You will be administratively withdrawn from the course on Friday April 6th if you are not registered into the course website.
  6. Students are required to come to campus or a local college testing center to take scheduled exams.
  7. Please send me an email ( if you have any questions.

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