Pamela Bilodeau - Olympic College Faculty

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Hello students and prospective students!
Here is a brief introduction of myself to help you get to know me. I have been employed at Olympic College for more than twenty years. I have been teaching for about half of that time. I formerly worked in the IT department, and I also spent about one year working in the adaptive technology lab instructing students with disabilities on how to use adaptive equipment and software. I started out teaching networking and database classes; however, I now mostly teach courses in the web pathway.

My master's degree is in Information Systems Management. I also have a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and an associate's' degree in data processing. I hold a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, plus Internet (MCSE+I), as well as a CompTIA A+ certification. I was formerly the Manager of the Customer Service Center (also known as the Help Desk) when I worked for the IT department right here at Olympic College before I started teaching. I love learning new things, especially as they relate to technology. As an instructor, I am learning new technologies all the time. For example, I recently ramped up for and taught a three-week workshop that covered 2-D game development using DigiPen Institute's materials. I also helped develop the new Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Systems at Olympic College. OC began offering this new baccelaureate degree in the fall of 2014. Many of the students in the "BAS-IS" program, as we call it, have come through our own two-year degree in Computer Information Systems, which is wonderful to see.

In my spare time, I help run a retail music store in Port Orchard, where I also take lessons in jazz guitar. I have been playing guitar most of my life. As a result, my teacher pushes me, and I am playing cool jazz chords and songs. Playing music is a lot like working in technology in that there is no limit to what one can learn, and it is both logical and creative. I get to stretch my left and right brain with all of it. One of my jobs at the music store is to be the “IT guy.” I like keeping our systems running, and helping answer questions, though wish I could devote more time to it. I am pretty busy teaching classes, though, and working with students, from whom I greatly enjoy hearing. So, feel free to be in touch. Thanks for reading!


My best and favorite resources are my fellow CIS faculty colleagues, who are both full-time and part-time. Be sure to meet them when you can. Here is a link to learn more about them.