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OC's Environmental Club


OC's environmental club has a Facebook page,    The club has a monthly stream enhancement activities and beach clean-ups in addition to other activities.  Check the bulletin board by S/T 218 for club information, or or contact Dr Susan Digby for the name of the club president.


Environmental Studies and Science



What is the difference between environmental studies and environmental science?


There are two main branches of environmental education and employment: environmental studies and environmental science.  Environmental studies focuses more on the political aspects such as policy, environmental justice and planning.  Environmental sciences focus on the biology or chemistry of the environment.  Both are interdisciplinary fields. In many 4-year colleges environmental studies and sciences are only offered as a minor to a field such as economics or biology.


Program at OC and your Education Plan

At Olympic there is no environmental studies or sciences program.  However, we have Education plans leading to environmental studies and science programs at a 4-year college based on the requirements for the 4-year programs at Huxley College.  See the education plan templates that you can reach through ARM (Advising Relation Management) in OASIS providing you are an OC student. For further information and advising, see

If you are interested in environmental studies or sciences at a four-year college, contact the individual colleges to ensure that you take the courses at OC that they require.  It is strongly recommended that you visit university departments before applying.

University News and contact information

University of Washington at Tacoma Environmental Science and Studies: as with Huxley there is a BA and a BS program. The BS is a destination for people who are inclined more towards biology or chemistry but there is some overlap with physical geography. There is a strong emphasis on water related issues and the department is linked to the Center for Urban Waters.  Most classes in environmental sciences at UWT are on ground, a few are online (calculus & statistics just moved on line this year)  The classes are very lab and field based.  There are many travel overseas possibilities.  Every year there is a UWaters symposium in which student posters are presented. See


The University of Washington Bothell is pleased to announce a new bachelor of science degree in 'Climate Science and Policy' available Fall 2012.  Applications for admission will be accepted for all quarters.  Applicants must have completed 4 out of 7 of the pre-requisites to be considered and have a cumulative pre-requisite GPA of 3.0 with a minimum of 2.0 in each course.

The pre-requisites are the equivalent to:

Math 124 and 125

Physics 121 and 122

Chemistry 142, 152, 162


Please contact Sharon Meriwether, Advisor, at 425.352.3766 with any questions.


University of Washington (Seattle) College of the Environment


Western Washington University, Huxley College of the Environment (Bellingham)

Huxley College of the Environment on the Peninsulas (Poulsbo and Port Angeles) If you are interested in Huxley on the Peninsula, contact Nancy Bluestein-Johnson (  Nancy visits OC on a monthly basis.

Central Washington University Environmental Studies Program (BS and BA), Ellensburg

Washington State University, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Pullman

Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma) offers environmental studies and science as a minor to a major.

Employment sites


Environmental Jobs.  The following are a few of the many employment sites.  Browse them to understand what types of employment exists and what qualifications are commonly required:



 Environmental Science news: