Olympic College Geography Course Offerings  

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Geography &100 (formerly 101): Introduction to Geography. SS or NS

Course Description:  

This is an introductory course that provides an overview of fields within physical and human geography.  The course is evolving to include: Earthís structure, position in universe, latitude and longitude, time and seasons, cartography, remote sensing, weather and climate, world regions, world population, resource use and environmental protection, globalization, agriculture and urban issues.  Selected material is taught in field trips depending on the quarter.


Geography &250 (formerly 120):  Geography of the Pacific Northwest †††††† SS

Course description:    This course is in the process of revision as of 2014/15.  It is a course that focuses on the physical, cultural, historical and economic geographies of this region.  It will involve fiedl trips and service learning.  It will be next offered in 2015/16. 


Geography Number 260 (formerly 250 or 150): Earth from Space  NS

Course description.   The course covers topics in climate, earth, oceans that can be observed from space.   In addition to being stand-alone geography course, it is also part of the GIS certificate program.Students have individual projects to investigate selected  images of earth.  We discuss scientific papers in addition to regular lectures.The course is ideal for students interested in environmental studies.


Geography 150 (formerly 102): Physical Geography††††††††††††† NS + lab

Course Description:

This course provides basic knowledge within fields of physical geography.  Topics include weather and climate, the ocean-atmosphere system, biomes and ecosystems, hydrology, weathering and erosion, landform development.  The lab includes activities such as map interpretation, measuring relative humidity, observing weather and ecosystem measurements and identification.


Geography &200 (formerly 103): Human Geography ††††††††††††††† SS or H

Course Description: An overview of human geography.  Topics include: Human geographies, maps as cultural constructions, geographic exploration, population and migration, popular and folk culture, language, religion and landscapes of religion, ethnicity and race, international development.


Geography &207 (formerly 207): Geography Economic Geography†††††††††††† SS

Course description:    World economic patterns, globalization, consumption, the spatial organization and expansion of the world economy, sustainable development. This course is usually taught as an online class.


Geography 195: Independent Study

Course description:    Students pursue a topic of their own choice (available any quarter). 

Topics may include surveying and analyzing Marine Trash in the Puget Sound, or working with an agency such as the Great Peninsula Conservancy.

The topic and scope of the study, and grading structure will be determined in an initial conference between the student and instructor.This is a great opportunity for individual research by motivated students.It is recommended that the independent study topic be based on some aspect of material presented in a geography lecture course.It could involve a field study.Students are encouraged to present their research at a conference.


Also for people interested in natural sciences there is

Meteorology 101 Weather and Atmosphere NS

Course description:    Study of atmospheric components, processes, and weather phenomena.Attention given to weather instruments, maps and satellite data.


Note: SS ††††Social Science,     NS †††Natural Science,     H †††Humanities



GIS program at OC

OC offers a Geographic Information System (GIS) certificate program.


Also there are a variety of great geology and biology courses in the natural sciences area!


And a great series of courses in anthropology that complement human geography.



1) Check OC schedules for course offering times and final selection. 

2)All courses are 5 credits unless noted.



Geography course number changes


OC Old Number




Common # or OCís

New Number




GEOG 101




GEOG& 100

Introduction to Geography







GEOG& 102

World Regional Geography


 Not offered at OC

GEOG 103




GEOG& 200

Human Geography



GEOG 207




GEOG& 207

Economic Geography



GEOG 120




GEOG& 250

Geography of the Pacific NW







GEOG 150

Physical Geography


With a Lab

GEOG 150, then 250




GEOG 260

Earth From Space